CrackMaster is a hot applied, rubberized asphalt crack and joint sealant. CrackMaster is designed to seal expansion joints, longitudinal, and transverse cracks. 


Coverage Rates are for reference only. Material usage will vary due to other factors.


Crack depth - 3/8 inch - Crack Width - 3/8 - Pounds per 100ft = 6.2 pounds of hot rubber

Crack depth - 1/2 inch - Crack Width - 1/2 - Pounds per 100ft = 11.1 pounds of hot rubber

Crack depth - 3/4 inch - Crack Width - 3/4 - Pounds per 100ft = 25 pounds of hot rubber


Surface must be prepped using a metal bristled broom, power sweeper, or skid steer attachment to ensure rubber will stick to the edges and top surface of the crack.

SealMaster CrackMaster Direct Fire Parking Lot

1 Pound