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The first step in the Sgt Seal of Approval Survey is to get an accurate pavement inventory. We will assign identification titles to each section of the parking lot to make it easier going forward when discussing pavement condition, areas of concern, work locations, and project timelines. We will break down different locations of the parking lot and catalog them as sample sizes up to 2,000 ft². Inspecting every inch of a property can consume a considerable amount of resources; therefore, Sgt Sealcoat uses a statistical sampling technique to determine a parking lots pavement condition rating. 

We will then begin our Sgt Seal of Approval Survey and catalog the pavement condition using the PAVER Asphalt Distress Manual published by the US Army Construction Engineers. This system gives us guidance on assigning current condition of pavements, developing models to predict future conditions, report on past and future pavement performance, and helps to develop a pavement preservation plan specific to your properties needs and your company’s budget.

When the Sgt Seal of Approval Survey is performed, you will have up to 3 trained surveyors inspecting your parking lot. Each surveyor will identify distresses and defects independently. We are looking to identify safety hazards, ADA compliance concerns, surface fading, fluid or oil stains, vegetation growth, longitudinal linear cracking, alligator cracking, block cracking, transverse cracking, edge cracking joint reflection cracking slippage, potholes, depressions, shoving, rutting, upheaval, and raveling. The surveyors check their data against one another and come to an agreement on the data collected, decide the possible causes of distressed areas, map out all distress locations using a drone, put together a comprehensive pavement distress summary and maintenance suggestion report. This report will help the property manager determine the most cost-effective maintenance actions and help develop a pavement preservation plan moving forward. 

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